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Ways to Build Customer Loyalty Through An Effective Mailing Strategy

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Do you want to keep in close contact with your clients, and build brand loyalty at the same time? A simple solution is in store for you: emailing. Emailing is, as we know it, an online message sent to several recipients from a database. There are several forms of emailing, however. There are those sent as newsletters, promotional emails, loyalty emails, etc… Here are a few ways for you to build brand loyalty through your email marketing.


Personalized Emails

For a new subscription or a first purchase, it is very necessary to establish contact with your customer as quickly and personalized as possible. Everybody likes to feel unique and special, that’s why by personalizing your emails, your client will feel privileged and will have the impression to benefit from a unique relationship with you. With the information that you have collected about your clients (name, age, and other demographics), you can add certain information to your email to personalize it and to make it seem unique to each recipient.

Think about the promotional email 

Communicate about existing offers, promotions to try to recapture old inactive customers and leads, as well as recent customers. Depending on their status, personalize the message with “We miss you, we offer you…” for example, for those who are inactive. You may also write something in the lines of “As a reward for being a loyal customer, we offer you…”. 
Use time-limited offers to create the desire to not miss out on a great opportunity. Use the countdown timers, for example. In the same spirit, value your customers’ loyalty. 

Define the right points to highlight in your emailing

From the subject of the email to the body of the message, it is important to capture the attention of your reader in an instant. First, the subject must be striking so that your email makes your reader want to open it. Next, in relation to the subject line, your mail must be relevant to interest your reader. Offer topics that are trending right now and that are relevant to your business and their location, for example. Your goal is to keep the interest of your subscribers so that they are not tempted to unsubscribe. 

Add call to action buttons 

“Add to cart”, “Sign up”, “View more”, so many interesting buttons to put in your mail to call for action. Thanks to these buttons, you can’t lose interested prospects because they have everything at their disposal, in one click, without having to change pages to look for the necessary information. It is important to make it easy for your readers to access information. Your buttons must be clear and encourage the click. In addition, it is important to propose a responsive email, that is to say, that is optimized on all media (smartphone, computer, tablet). 

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