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Twitter Business, Facebook Podcasts: News You Shouldn’t Miss

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The social media world is in constant evolution and we quickly feel lost in all these new features. Don’t worry, Artur’In is here to give you a brief overview of the social media news you shouldn’t have missed these past weeks.

Facebook launched Podcasts

In 2020, more than 900,000 podcasts were published worldwide (three times more than in 2019). Audio is taking the world by storm, so much so that Facebook intends to take it as inspiration and offer a podcast to its users. After announcing its partnership with Spotify, allowing users to access the music catalog (and podcasts) through a player integrated into the platform, the social media giant will be following the trend and will offer podcasts to the users of the platform.

Twitter launched Twitter Business

Good news for businesses, you will now be able to create a business profile for your company! Even if most businesses already have an account on Twitter, the Business option will offer new features. An “about” section will be available to describe your business in a few words, fill in the address, or even the opening hours. Also, a button to access directly to the route via Google Maps. All your information will be gathered and available so that a prospect can contact you or go to your business very quickly. This feature is only available in the United States at this moment.

Instagram will be adding links in the Stories
Adding links to Instagram Stories has already been available for those users with more than 10,000 followers, and soon it will be available to everyone as well! You and/or your business account will soon be able to share your website, a product sheet, or any other link for your community. To access the link,  it is a simple as a “swipe up” (swipe up your screen). The way the link will be added to your story will be like a sticker that you can find on the top of your screen when you post a story. This update is great for Real Estate professionals because you won’t need to wait to get 10,000 followers to share the link of your listings or your website.

Paid Twitter Subscription

A rather surprising new feature on Twitter has been announced: the Super Follow. You will have to pay a fee per month to get privileged access to a Twitter account you like (influencers, content creators, artists, etc.). This could give you the right to exclusive content, a newsletter for subscribers, good deals, and a supporter badge.

With Artur’In’s news review, you will no longer miss the latest social networks! See you next month!

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