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Clubhouse, Covers Stories on LinkedIn: News You Shouldn’t Miss

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The world of social media is constantly evolving and you can quickly feel lost in all the new features. Don’t panic, Artur’In is here to give you a little recap of the social media news you shouldn’t have missed these last months.

Launch of Clubhouse
Clubhouse is the new social media that you shouldn’t have missed last month. The last arrival of the highly selective social media platform (you can only register if a member sponsors you), is currently only available on iPhone. On this platform, there are no photos, no videos, only raw audio. In the so-called “Rooms”, you can interact with other members on a variety of topics, ranging from politics to everyday life, including new technologies, etc. in small groups. When you are in your “Room”, you can intervene on any subject by “raising your hand”, then the administrator will let you “go on stage” to engage with the other participants. Many well-known personalities such as Elon Musk (creator of Tesla) and Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) have already joined the Clubhouse inner circle.

LinkedIn and Covers Stories
A new video creation tool to animate your profile, instead of your current profile picture, is going to be released on Linkedin. For a few seconds, you will be able to talk about your motivations, share your interests, and other information that you feel is important to share about yourself. Your story will be encircled with an orange ring on your profile, to indicate that it is a Cover Story and will be played automatically (muted) when people visit your profile.

Twitter: reply to whoever you want
To fight against harassment and negative interactions often pointed out on Twitter, the social network has launched a feature that allows you to share your tweets only with a small group of people. You can, if you wish, post a tweet only to the people you follow, to the people you mention in your tweets, or to the whole community on Twitter (by default). This feature should help Twitter users to feel safer on the platform but also to avoid any uncontrolled outbursts.

Goodbye Periscope
The mobile application created in 2013 that offered live videos, closed its doors at the end of March 2021. Bought two years later by Twitter, it was possible to create video content directly on Twitter thanks to the application. Between immediate success and scandals, Periscope was a controversial application that was poorly moderated and sometimes broadcasted inappropriate content on their platform.

With the Artur’In news review, you will no longer have to miss the latest social networks! See you next month!

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