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Twitter Blue, Instagram Desktop: What you missed in June

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The world of social media is constantly evolving and you can quickly feel lost in all the news. Don’t panic, Artur’In is here to give you a little summary of the social media news that you shouldn’t miss these last weeks.

You can finally post on Instagram from your computer

As we announced in the May news review, it is now finally official and accessible to everyone! Now you can post pictures from your computer (+ icon in the top right corner of your screen). You have the choice to change the dimensions of your image (original, square, portrait, landscape). You can also modify your photos with filters before posting, add location and all the other features available on the mobile application.

Pinterest launches new e-commerce features

In addition to recommending trendy products to its users that match their needs, Pinterest now has a new “buy” tab that allows the user who has pinned items, to buy them directly without switching platforms.
 Another new feature Pinterest will have is to display with a badge, verified merchants so that they get better visibility.
 More than just an inspirational platform, Pinterest will ultimately guide its users from the initial idea, all the way to the purchasing of the items they like.

Share your tweets on Instagram

No need to put a screenshot of your tweets in your Instagram Stories anymore, Twitter announced the integration of Tweets in Instagram Stories. For now this feature is only available on iOS but will soon be available for everybody.

More details about Twitter Blue, the paid version of Twitter..

Twitter has already been revealed in Australia and Canada, and will soon offer the world a paid version with many exclusive features. Among other things, you will be able to organize the tweets you bookmark in order to find them more quickly. Also, editing tweets after posting will be available on this paid version. Other features will soon be revealed by the platform.
The price announced for the US would be $2.99 per month. Twitter wants to reassure its users: “The free version of Twitter will never disappear. This subscription offer is simply intended to add enhanced and complementary features to the existing Twitter experience, for those who want it.

With Artur’In’s news review, you will no longer have any secrets about the latest social media news! See you next month!

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