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Instagram Desktop, Idea Pins on Pinterest: What you missed in May

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The world of social media is constantly evolving and you can quickly feel lost in all the news. Don’t panic, Artur’In is here to give you a little summary of the social media news that you shouldn’t miss these last weeks.

Post from your desktop on Instagram

Access to private messages, lives and Stories are already available for years, Instagram would further develop the posting of your photos on the desktop. You will be able, as with your handheld devices, to edit your photo before being published with filters. This could be very useful for businesses or Community Managers who had to resort to other offline publishing platforms to post on Instagram.

Request a blue badge on Twitter

Good news for businesses: you can now request your certification badge on Twitter. By accessing the “account settings” tab, you will be able to directly request the certification of your account. However, there are some conditions to meet: your company must have an active Twitter account for more than 6 months, have a complete profile (profile picture, profile name, email address, and phone number), and respect the rules of use of the social network. Your request will be reviewed by Twitter. In case of refusal, you can reiterate your request 30 days later.

Clubhouse is finally available on Android

The new trending app is finally available on Android! Launched in April 2020, the latest social media network (which you can only join by invitation) is based solely on voice conversations. Find among thousands of chat rooms, the one you like and take part in the discussion by joining (or not), and by asking the moderator to participate.

Pinterest launches short videos as well

Termed as Idea Pins or Idea Pins, Pinterest wants to make available short videos of the TikTok or Reels (on Instagram) type. These videos will be for testing new ideas or products and will not be time-limited. This will be one more way for content creators to showcase their products in a more suitable format and meet the needs of consumers fond of short and creative content.

Access sponsorship of your posts more easily on LinkedIn

With the new Boost button at the top of each post, it will be easier to boost your organic posts or events by meeting your objectives (awareness, engagement, etc.) and your target audience. Much more understandable and faster than Campaign Manager, it helps you extend the reach of your posts in a few clicks.

With Artur’In’s news review, you will no longer have any secrets about the latest social media news! See you next month!

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