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With Artur Studio, Create Professional Visuals in a Few Clicks

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Visual content is important for any business doing their marketing online. Different colors evoke different emotions; such as yellows and reds with hunger and appetite used by fast food chains. That is why we have created a tool to help you easily create visuals for consistent branding on your Artur’In platform.

The Artur Studio will enable you to create visuals with our templates and easily post it to your social media pages in a few clicks.

Here’s how you can use Artur Studio:

Artur'In Studio

On your dashboard, you have the option to add an image from your own media library or to create your own design with Studio.

Artur Studio Step 2

You can choose the subject of your post for guidance. It can be content related to your industry, your company, your team, a client or any upcoming events.

Artur Studio: Step 3

You can also select a theme for your posts. Depending on your choice of theme, different templates will be proposed to you.

Artur Studio: Step 4

You can customize the elements of your visual: text, background, logo, colors, etc… You will also have the possibility to change the location of your text and choose other models at your convenience.


So with just a few clicks, create an image that reflects you. Depending on upcoming events or general information about your company that you wish to share, you will be able to shape your content to your own design. Once your image is created, share it on your social media and let the magic happen.


Your dedicated coach will be with you to explain and guide you through your first steps. Then, you will take full control of the creation of your image content.


Artur Studio is a feature that is conveniently included in the Artur’In subscription. Now you can easily produce new and personalized content!

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