Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

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Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, even more now that we are facing a global pandemic.

The power of social media has always proven itself over the past decade, but with all the movements and protests happening around the world, I think social media has once again taken the bar to another level. It is, therefore, important that right at the halfway point of this year, we take a hindsight at the successful marketing trends in 2019, first half of the year, and those that are yet to be in 2020.

Social Media Networks

We need not to be reminded of the importance and influence of using social media as part of a digital marketing strategy — it has been proven over the years and it continuously proves itself to be a strong tool. There are 7.7 billion people around the world and 48% of this population use social media in 2019 (3.7 billion). In the United States, we are talking about over 200 million active users per month on Facebook. On YouTube, there are nearly 2 billion logged-in viewers per month. Finally, on Instagram, there are millions and millions of active users as well. (source: Even voter turnout in the United States has increased because of social media, especially among the youth. Why deprive yourself of so much visibility? 

Artificial intelligence

May he who has never mentioned artificial intelligence for the benefit of marketing in 2019, cast the first stone at me. Many people talk about it as THE technological revolution: chatbot, voice searches, facial recognition, name it… Whether it’s in direct customer relations by answering your questions for you during closing hours or to boost your business performance by analyzing the consumption habits of your community, AI has nibbled away at a significant share of the market and is gradually becoming established in our business. 

Paid advertising

Social media is polluted with all kinds of content, which makes the natural visibility of your posts complicated. As a result, we are forced to turn to paid advertising with precise targeting! Boosting a campaign means controlling it: you control your content, its advertising objectives and the target audience. Whether to widen your community or generate leads, Facebook or Google continue to improve their advertising interfaces. Although the help of a professional (growth hacker) is certainly not to be dismissed. In fact, Statista shows that ad spending in the Search Advertising segment is projected to reach US$62,086m in 2020.  It is also expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 5.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$77,024m by 2024. Moreover, the study showed that 60% of search advertising is done on mobile.

Social is the 2nd lever that generates the most investment from advertisers with an increase of 21%. Its share represents 25% of the market. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss on that great opportunity!

Video content in all forms

Video content has bright days ahead of it: whether it lasts a few seconds (snack content) or several minutes, social media capitalizes a maximum on video content. In 2019, video traffic on the internet represented 80% of the data circulating within it; it is predicted to represent 84% in 2020! All this can be explained by the exponential growth of content consumption via mobile phones and the desire for richer and valuable content.

And there is no shortage of platforms with YouTube or Facebook Watch for long formats; or TikTok, IGTV or Stories for shorter and more innovative content. There are so many possibilities for companies that those who do not seize the opportunity in time will simply be invisible this year.

From macro to micro-influence

Influencer, a frightening term and yet we’re never tired of hearing it. As traditional advertising no longer appeals to a weary audience, we have seen the rise of influence marketing. You couldn’t miss these web stars, millions of followers, promoting a good or a service. Maybe you even cracked? 

But how do you reach the right target when you’re talking to too large an audience? This is where micro-influence comes in, a new trend in digital marketing. According to several studies, it has been proven that micro-influence has more impact than macro-influence. Because communities are small, it is easier to reach your target. Moreover, questions of inaccessibility no longer arise; and yes, even your small business has the right to its influencer.

BONUS: The learning machine, the baby of artificial intelligence

In simple terms, it is a technique that consists of entrusting computers with the intelligent processing and analysis of data based on automatic learning. And every company that can process, analyze and use this data will be one step ahead. But in 2020, the security and use of this data will have to be closely monitored. If this is not your priority in the coming months, I invite you to go and refresh your memory on the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)!

2019 was marked by many other trends, but here are the most important ones in my opinion. As for the trends to follow in 2020, other than all the movements and protests happening in the world for a big change… I wouldn’t say that they have just appeared like a rabbit from a sleeve, but in any case it would be silly for you to ignore them! Make use of the biggest social networks and search engines to help your real estate business reach its goals.

In conclusion, you have got a multitude of trends that are accessible and adaptable to every business! If I can give you one last piece of advice, don’t neglect the personalization of your content, make your identity shine. Stay top of mind. Now, all the cards are in your hands to stand out from the competition. 😉

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