Holiday Ideas for Real Estate Digital Marketing

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Pumpkin patch, pumpkin pies, pumpkin lattes. Everything pumpkin and anything in neutral autumn colors are totally in during this holiday season! November is almost done, and now we’re in it again for more holidays! Anytime soon, it’s all snowy, lights, gifts, and ho ho ho’s!

While it might seem early to plan your social media and other marketing ideas for the upcoming holiday season, well… it isn’t! In fact, if you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to do so. The sooner you do it, the more ideas you can come up with!

While this year’s winter looks and feels different from any other, don’t let it stop you from greeting and connecting with your clients and potential customers in a cheery and joyful way. Whether it is to promote a listing that you have or be it a way to promote your business, or it can also be as simple as genuinely thanking your clients for their loyalty — there is an enormous opportunity in using these merry days to take your marketing a step further.


Here are holly and jolly real estate digital marketing ideas to get the reindeers running!

Create holiday-themed posts. 

Oh, you better watch out… You better post that. I’m telling you why… Holidays are coming to town, and we’re going to find out who’s naughty or nice. 😉

Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Chinese New Year, the holidays are a good reason to be festive. Posting themed photos, videos and even themed profile photos are all fruitful ways to spread joy and the spirits of the holidays. This is also a great way to stay top of mind!

With Artur Studio, the creative tool included in the Artur’In subscription, you can create as many holiday-themed posts as you’d like! Explore and get inspired with the free beautiful and holiday-themed templates.

Get merry with live videos.

Make use of the live videos to showcase your holiday decorations! Whether it’s your house, a property that you have in your listings, or even the well-lit neighborhood you belong to. This is a good way to engage with your audiences, to show a property that you are selling, and also to share tips and tricks on some of the things that you enjoy doing — the turkey recipe that you love, a furniture/decor sale around the corner, or decoration tips. Live videos will keep your engagement high and is an effective way to get your audiences to know you more.

Generosity goes a long way.

Use social media to run a holiday giveaway. The giveaway could be as simple as a toolkit in home buying for first-timers (infographic, a checklist or anything in those lines). It could also be a $25 gift check from Starbucks or Amazon. Anything that wouldn’t cost you too much, but something well thought out. Because… who doesn’t like free stuff? 

Typically, you can ask your followers to like, comment and share your post to gain a chance to win your giveaway, and this is a proven and effective way to generate more engagement. Small acts of fun and kindness towards your audiences give way to a better relationship between you and your clients and potential customers. 

‘Tis the season to reach out.

Use holidays as a time to reach out to your loyal clients. Offer something worth their while, such as a discount, in exchange for an online review. Reviews will help you harness the power of digital referrals. You may also use this review to create a creative visual and share it on your social media pages.

Collect and manage reviews from your customers easily in one place. Artur’s Review Management feature lets you read, comment, and share reviews given by your customers’. Additionally, you can send an email or SMS invitation to your past clients to write a review for you throughout your social media pages.


Holidays are the best time to connect with not only our families and friends, but also our clients and potential clients. Despite the global pandemic that we are collectively experiencing, with the power of Digital Marketing, we are able to connect and strengthen our relationships with our clients. Use these joyful moments to deepen your relationship with your audience and to increase the visibility of your brand on social media. With these ideas, you can ensure that your audiences will be highly engaged and you may also be sharing the joy and excitement of the holiday seasons to your network.

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