This is Artur,
your Digital Marketing Manager

More than a solution, Artur is a real team member who will take care of managing all the aspects of your digital communication. Get ready to blast off in the social media galaxy!


Artur’In offers features essential to improve productivity, stay connected to your network and expand your reach simultaneously.

Artur manages your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and posts everyday relevant topics suitable to your business.

Artur helps you to improve your local presence by managing your Google My Business and by providing it with information about your activity.

Transform your clients into your brand ambassadors with the new Review Management feature! ✨ Access all your existing reviews collected from your Facebook and Google My Business accounts and respond directly via the Artur’In platform.

Because keeping in touch with your prospects is essential, Artur also manages your newsletter and your e-mailing strategy.

Artur optimizes your online presence by creating a blog that will be automatically updated with relevant content.

Artur makes an on-premise video & photos shooting session that highlight your brand and employees.

Speed up your ROI by entrusting the management of your Facebook ad campaigns to Artur.

Show up on top and attract more customers when they look up “Real Estate Broker” in your city with Google Ads. Entrust your online advertising on Google with Artur.

Google Ads Boost'In

Artur Studio is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create professional visuals in just a few clicks.

Real-time Analytics on your Dashboard

Artur’In gives you access to a platform to analyze what works and its impact. Analyze your activity report and instantly measure the performance of Artur’s activities.

Personalized Customer Service

Overwhelmed with the technicalities of social media? 

Here’s a promise: a digital coach will follow up with you throughout your experience with Artur’In, to answer your questions, and set up a digital strategy adapted to your needs.

Artur's Secret

Our secret is a team that works daily to enrich and develop the AI that allows us to offer the best content suited for you.

Your Digital Marketing Manager

Expand your Referral Network with Artur'In, the All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution for Real Estate Professionals.