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Instagram: Connect Your Account to Artur’In

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Constantly evolving since its launch, from square photos to live stories, from double taps to marketplaces, Instagram has evolved into a tool essentially providing better visibility to individuals and businesses.

Artur’In is pleased to announce you can now publish and plan customized, branded content on Instagram straight from the Artur’In platform!

Most of you already know why Instagram is the app. But let’s discover, in detail, the advantages and best practices of this social media channel…


Why should small businesses use Instagram?

Large companies are no longer the only ones to invest in this social network; more and more small businesses subscribe to Instagram as well. Indeed, unlike other social networks, the main advantage of Instagram is that it is based on the sharing of photos and short videos taken with your smartphone. For you, the objective is, therefore, to present your company’s culture: your history, your products, and value-added services or your teams.

What’s good about Instagram is it has lesser noise compared to other social media platforms. How? It’s only images and videos. It’s very simple and straight-forward. Showing your audience your company culture, your relationships with your other clients, and other things related to your business is a great way to let your followers interact with you and get to know you.


How can I increase my local visibility on Instagram?

Bio. Bio. Bio. Always keep your bio updated. This is the first thing one sees when a follower visits your profile on Instagram.

When creating your business account, Instagram asks you to select your job category (your chosen job category will appear just below your name on your profile page). Then, you will have the “bio” part where you can briefly (like 150 characters) describe what you do or your value proposition. Think of it as an elevator pitch. For example, you may include your company slogan, your contact information, or the address of your website: a client who is able to identify you quickly is a client you can trust. Be concise but precise!


Give priority to quality over quantity  

The credibility of a business account lies mainly in the quality of the image. Indeed, the neater and more attractive your video and photo content is, the more engagement you will get from your followers. Too busy to create high-quality content? The good news is that with our online creation tool: Artur Studio, you can create attractive and highly-engaging visuals using our templates!


Promote video content

If you haven’t created any videos during the lockdown, then you’re missing out! With more than 22 billion videos viewed online every day, the organic reach of videos is no greater than that of photos on Instagram. Video content is enormously appreciated by avid social media users, and this trend will continue to grow in the years to come. According to Cisco, by 2022, mobile video will account for 79% of mobile Internet traffic. So don’t hesitate to 


Write captions that inspire action

To be visible on Instagram you must publish engaging content, to be highlighted by the algorithm. This means that interactions (likes, shares, comments) are essential to appear in your subscribers’ news feed. So you need to encourage your subscribers to react by encouraging interaction as much as possible! To do so, don’t hesitate to write your captions in the form of questions, invitations to debate, or to take advantage of the opportunity to ask them their opinion on a product or service.

As you will have understood with its 21 million users in France, Instagram is one of the best ways to develop your local visibility!

Join our 3,000 clients, radiate locally by embarking with Artur’In, your next-generation marketing manager!


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