5 Ways to Use Instagram as a Real Estate Agent

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“One picture is worth a thousand words” is a phrase that has never been more meaningful on Instagram. With more than 300 million active users
using it every day, Instagram is the most engaged social network, ahead of Facebook and Twitter.

To sell a property, nothing speaks louder than beautiful photos that showcase it. Instagram could be the new ally for your real estate agency.

Regularly post photos of the properties you have for sale

Quality photos will inevitably make your prospects want to buy or entrust you with their property for sale. You can post 10 different photos in a single post! This will allow you to take a tour of all the rooms and even post different photos of the same rooms from different angles. Vary your content by posting short videos as well. They are more concrete than photos, to visualize the space in a room.

Bet on the Lives

Instagram offers the possibility to let you host live videos on the Stories. These live videos allow you to film the property, the progress of the renovations in this property, etc. It’s basically like an online open house! The live video also allows you to be closer to your community, who can comment and react real-time as you show them around. This could be a way to answer questions about the property directly. You can also use live to show your presence at real estate events, for example.

Leverage the “add location” feature on your images

When you publish a photo, feel free to tag the location of the property. Filling in the city will make you visible to the people who look up this specific city on the “search” tab. People living in the cities mentioned will be more likely to see this property as well. Instagram can also be used for qualified canvassing and directly target the cities you are interested in.

Use sponsored advertising

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers sponsored advertising. With targeted advertising, you can choose to display your ad on the profiles according to gender, interests, age, of the Internet users you wish to reach and thus not miss any potential prospects. Ads will be displayed either in the stories or in the news feed of your target.

Use #hashtags

By using relevant hashtags on your posts, your brand and photo will be visible to a larger audience that shares this interest. You will attract new subscribers and your engagement will be stronger organically. Create hashtags that will show up repeatedly on your posts, so you can be easier to find, and interested people will be able to subscribe to the hashtag to find you even more easily.

Instagram should be an integral part of your social media strategy. Visuals are essential in your business to highlight the goods you have for sale. Organically, you can easily generate engagement and brand awareness to boost your social network awareness.

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