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Instagram Stories: How to Make The Most Out of It For Real Estate Professionals?

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Instagram is one of the most impactful social networks in the world. It is used by both the younger crowd and quite a lot of boomers.  Then there are influencers who use this platform as a professional tool to fulfill their business needs. To do so, they use many features, mainly stories, a dynamic video format, which play an important role in communication.

With the effectiveness and popularity of this tool it is important to know how to take advantage of it to make your small business known with the following tips:


Understand the importance of Instagram stories

The first platform to offer the Stories feature is Snapchat. Stories are video or image posts that are only visible for a limited time (24 hours). This innovation has created so much buzz that Facebook attempted to buy the application for 4 billion dollars but it was all in vain. It then decided to copy its competitor and to introduce this type of format which is the Stories. This feature allows you to post lighter content and leaves room for creativity, which is an advantage for anyone who wants to create dynamic content. Stories allow you to be present more often and easily on Instagram without overloading your profile.


Don’t neglect the quality of your Stories

Stories are meant to show you in a different light. Favor spontaneous videos: film the backstage of an event, life at the office… Don’t make it too complicated — a simple text explaining your goals can be enough. It is preferable to choose a portrait format image or video in 9:16 with a definition of 1080 X 1920 pixels which are the ideal configurations for smartphones in order to preserve the quality of the photo. You can even add filters directly from the application on images or videos imported from your gallery, to improve the colors according to your desires and correct errors in photo processing.


Bring your Stories to life

It is possible from the Stories to add many functions such as text but also gifs, songs, filters to animate and energize your images. Other features like polls, quizzes, and others will allow your community to interact with you and learn more about your brand. It is also possible to put links in “swipe up” (from a certain number of subscribers) which means that if you want to redirect your subscribers to your site, the access will be more direct. It is important for a good communication to involve your community as much as possible by asking them, for example, about the type of content they would like to find.


Leave a trace of your Stories

Since Stories are temporary, you may not want your followers to miss any of your publications. To do this, you can sort them into your “Highlights” which is a feature found directly on your Instagram page. It allows you to create albums and arrange your archive of Stories the time you want so that your followers can find them at any time (well over 24 hours). Sort your Stories archives by theme so that your community can find them and choose indicative titles to facilitate the search such as “Our team”, “Homes in DC”, “news”, “FAQ”…

A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why your Instagram profile is very important for your business. Choosing the right photos and associated captions is crucial. Your Instagram page will become the showcase of your company: you will have to bet on the visual to have a page where we directly understand the sector of activity and the message conveyed.

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