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Artur’In has digital marketing solutions to fit your real estate marketing needs. Choose the strategy that’s right for your business.

Individual Agents

Increase your productivity, brand awareness, and digital reach with our automated digital marketing tool. Everything you need to build connections and strengthen relationships through the internet.


Strengthen relationships by providing your team a digital marketing solution essential for their overall productivity and modern-day communication strategy. 

Automated over 4,000 Real Estate Digital Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Artur’In is a 12-month subscription, giving ample time to execute a strong brand-based marketing strategy. 🚀

You can find the Terms & Conditions here.

Yes, we have different packages depending on the size and needs of your team. You may check out our team pricing here or set up a call with us so we can find the perfect solution for your team.

Our team designs and manages a paid-advertising campaign for you on your Facebook, Instagram and Google based on the needs of your business. Whether you want to increase your leads, boost your interactions, acquire more social media followers, or simply to increase visibility, Artur’In will design the campaign to best fit your priorities and budget.

Your monthly automated email newsletter will be to a maximum of 7000 contacts. Rest assured, as well, that all of your contact information is safe and kept confidential.

Depending on your subscription, the frequency of the posts is 1-4 posts per social media platform per week. That makes a total of 6-9 posts per week across your digital network.

Definitely! You determine your “local area” and our AI-powered product will do the rest. We will share current content from reliable sources to ensure YOU are the local community expert.

Don’t worry about the hustle and bustle of all that! We will create all the necessary accounts and even teach you how to use them. You’ll be a social media rockstar! 🎸

Request a demo so we can give you your free product demo, and we’ll schedule an onboarding for you with your dedicated account manager.

Success Stories

We have automated over 4,000 Real Estate Digital Marketing. Here’s what our clients have to say.

Cassidy B.

Real Estate Agent @ CBG Residential - Keller Williams

The key with Artur’In is that they are making me look credible in all three platforms, reaching everybody that’s within my sphere.

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The Artur'In experience
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3... 2... 1... Onboard!

Welcome to Artur’In! Onboarding is the first step to get you fully integrated with the platform. The onboarding step is simply to configure and connect your accounts to your platform. Your digital coach will schedule a meeting with you to guide you through the process. 

Dedicated Digital Coach

Monitoring our customers’ success is essential at Artur’In. You will have a personal digital coach who will assure your questions about digital marketing or the platform will be answered.

Training and Tools

Want to develop your digital marketing skills? Follow our webinars and blog articles to learn alongside our digital experts.

Your Digital Marketing Manager

Get your business off the ground with Artur'In, the all-in-one solution which automatizes your digital communication.