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Smart and Successful Ways to Combine Print and Digital Communication

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Within the past years, digital has become the main strategy to acquire and retain customers. By offering infinite possibilities for a company, the technology of the internet has revolutionized methods and strategies, leaving print a little behind. 

In 2020, things have dramatically changed. Suddenly, more and more businesses have shifted their communication to digital, ultimately ditching print ads and physical printed due to scare of contamination. However, if all precautionary measures are taken, such as washing your hands and sanitizing, it is possible, and actually smart, to combine both strategies, digital and print, in order to maximize the success of your business. 

Send direct mail

As technology has taken over traditional print, the thought of receiving a letter personally addressed to us makes us feel like we are special. According to USPS, nearly 98% of Americans check their physical mailbox per day, and half of the mail they receive are mostly print ads. Unsurprisingly, people are able to retain more information from print advertisements than digital ones because physically holding print ads plays quite some magic in our brains that wire it to hold on to information longer.

Therefore, it is significant to send personalized mailed-in letters as a way to make your clients feel special and well-taken care of by your team. You can use personalized letters when you first start working together as agent-client, to welcome him/her, or to simply send him a special offer. Afterwards, continue communicating with your clients through newsletters, social media, and blog.


Do not skimp on brochures and catalogs

Who has never flicked through a brochure or catalog sitting in a waiting room, at the salon or on a coffee table, or maybe even while you’re in the toilet? Instinctively, people go through the pages of a magazine or brochures that are within the reach of their arms when idle, sometimes even flipping through the same magazine several times. This could be a real opportunity for you to produce a quality brochure or magazine. On top of it, you could put a QR Code on it, for example, to invite the reader to find you on your website and thus go back to digital. 


The good ol’ business cards

When handed over in person, a business card can be used as a “reminder” of a business or personal meeting.  In addition to being your contact card, it must show the significance of a meeting within a glance. It is then very important that this card respects the company’s brand image. On your business card, include your email address and your LinkedIn handle.  

The combination of print and digital is possible. Print appeals to the memory and the emotion of the person reading it, so it is not negligible to attract the eye at the first contact. Digital allows to maintain this contact through complementary actions. With these two means of communication, you ensure that you have a complete strategy to acquire and especially retain customers.

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