Promote your business locally: 5 tips to increase visibility

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Corporate marketing is a central topic in the life of a real estate agent in search of new customers, and rightfully so: communicating about your business means making yourself known as a key player in your sector. It is often expensive to use billboards or advertising, but much more advantageous and flexible to opt for digital visibility. 

So how do you make your company known online? What actions should you take to attract clients? We discuss 5 simple and effective solutions that can boost your business. 

Promote your company through client recommendations

The best promotion for your business is the famous word-of-mouth. Because a satisfied customer is also a customer who recommends you, so you might as well bet on it!

A simple and profitable concept for your clients:

The more attractive the reward for your client is, the more they will be inclined to tell their friends about your product and your company.

The gift can be either useful in a general way, like a gift voucher for one or several big brands, or related to your service.

Also value the client, with a discount on a service or a free product: anything that could help them start their experience with you in the best possible way.

The Google My Business listing for your company

How to make your services known on Google? At the base of any digital marketing strategy, the visibility of your Google My Business listing must be one of the priorities in your communication actions.

The issue here is your local visibility. Linked to Google Maps, your listing will appear as soon as a user makes a web search in the geographical area of your business. It is therefore a direct need of a nearby prospect, hence the need to appear in the first results.

Google will put more emphasis on accounts with completed information sheets (hours, address, phone, website, description, photos), which clearly presents its services, and which has good customer reviews. Also, these elements gathered on a form will promote the confidence of a prospect towards your company.

Social networks: your company’s brand image

The presence of your company on social networks is a great way to give you a reassuring image, but is also a big factor for a clients that are still hesitant.

Today, 74% of consumers refer to social media to guide their purchases.

A tool that will regularly require your time, because the regularity of your publications is the key to success, but which proves to be profitable on the confidence in your services.

Start your marketing strategy with the biggest networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, which lend themselves well to professional communication, then diversify as soon as you are comfortable.

Optimize customer reviews

80% of consumers trust a customer review they read on the Internet as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member.

Let’s face it: customer reviews are the ultimate decision factor for your prospective clients. As we have seen: any local web search will land the user on the Google My Business listings around them.

The more reviews you have in number and quality, the more reliable your services will be considered. So don’t hesitate to make it a marketing objective in its own right and go and get as many as possible!

Emails, texts, or direct calls: every tool is valid and free to solicit your clients. Remember that 70% of your satisfied clients are inclined to leave you a good review if you ask them.

Showcase your company’s identity with content

Promoting your company online is a daily job, and the ideal marketing tool to maintain visibility over time is: content.

But then what is content? And how do you make your company known by using it?

We are talking about content creation: value-added formats for your clients, prospects, or visitors to your various networks.

The marketing objective for your brand is to attract qualified contacts that can be transformed into prospects, and then ideally clients.

This is called inbound marketing, a principle according to which you let the customer come to you by playing on your appeal, rather than going to them in a commercial approach.

What are the different types of content?

We are talking about anything that can inform, educate, or entertain your audience: blog posts, videos, tips, photos, articles. In a word: anything that can be useful to your community.

A totally free strategy that can drastically increase your traffic and generate leads for your business, if you manage to maintain a regular in your publications.

Digital marketing is both easy to understand and complex to master. But with the right tools and solutions, making your brand visible online becomes simple, even fun once you get the hang of it. Apply our 5 tips above to quickly become a reference for your prospects and clients!

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